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If you appreciate good wine, you may want to consider serving wine at your wedding.  You may have wine options at your perspective venue, and you may want to ask your catering or restaurant manager if they can refer a wine expert, vendor, or staff sommelier to work with you.  You might want to request a wine tasting along with your food tasting.  If that’s not available, speak to them about what options are available to you for selecting your wine.

Here are some options to ensure you will have a great choice of wine for your event:

  • You should ask your catering manager if you can supply of a case(s) of your favorite wine to serve.
  • If you don’t like your venue’s wine list, ask your catering or restaurant manager if they have a wine list you can order from, maybe something to your liking.

Here are some things to consider regarding budget for wine:

  • You have to be sure about how many bottles you should order.  This is the approximate about a person consumes during the cocktail, dinner, and reception, about five glasses per person.
  • A money saving idea is instead of a full bar, just consider serving wine; red, white, & Champagne.

Here are some ideas for wine at your reception:

  • If you are hosting your own wedding reception in a backyard, which I think is a great idea, you can create your own bar and also serve your choice of wine.  You can also rent wine glasses when you rent your chinaware as party-rental companies are ready to serve you.
  • Consider having a destination wedding at a winery.  You have the setting of grapevines in the background, the wine cellar for unique pictures, and wine all around you and your guests.  It will very memorable and romantic, especially during the sunset.  You also don’t have to worry about choosing your wine because you would have already chosen the winery that makes your wine.

Recommendations for wine:

Wines friendly for your budget; Try having a lighter red wine, such as a Rose, and a Riesling. You want to be able to have wines versatile for most entrees. Also, instead of Champagne, you can opt for a sparkling wine.


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Taking your engagement photos. This is the funnest part of the whole wedding process.  For me, it felt like a break from all the chaos of my planning and a chance to have some fun (and also posing) with my future spouse.  You can add the engagement shoot as part of your photography package.  That benefit can either be discounted, included, or even free.  Also, it would have the same feel as your wedding pictures because the same photographer will be taking the them. Sure, we have plenty of pictures with our partner, but it’s the artistic playfulness of the photographer which makes it a beautiful keepsake.

The traditional way of thinking about engagement pictures is: it’s all just posed.  All mostly serious and doesn’t show personality.  Yes, of course you still want those soft and romantic poses for your formal printed material, like your program or the displayed picture during your reception.

So, when the time comes to decide where you want to take your pictures, keep in mind the scenery around the environment and also what time of day you want the pictures taken.  **Remember, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

  • I can only speak for California because we have the ocean, desert, forest, and mountains…so we can literally pick any scenery.  But think about nature, like the beach or a place where you go hiking. Nature is great and can be very romantic, especially during sunrise or sunset.
  • If those locations are not available near you, think about the park.  There’s grass, trees, and maybe a fountain or statue feature.  Even the jungle gym area, with the swings and see-saw, will give you playful and fun pictures. If this suits your personalities, this location is a gem.
  • Think about an art museum or a local visual monument.  There are many interesting features that are visually appealing.  You can climb statues or act like you’re part of the scene.  For example, the library in Cerritos, CA has statues of big books that you can pose with.  This would be a great location of you love to read or for the physical and visual aspect of it.
  • Have your engagement shoot during a dinner date.  It can be fun feeding each other with finger foods and having pictures of that.  It can also be romantic with the dark ambience with candle lighting or twinkle lights.
  • Go to a festival or carnival. You have many opportunities for different styles and many candid moments if you like spontaneity.  You also have interaction with many people.
  • Take your engagement pictures while cooking a meal, like breakfast.  This can be creative in your own element, your home.  Take action in daily activities. It’s fun to be domesticated with your partner.
  • Go to a winery. It’s a beautiful scenery and you can get plenty of romantic pictures.
  • On a boat or on a bridge.  The thinking is how the picture would relate with water or if you as a couple have a connection with water.  The reflection can add to photography tricks.
  • Take pictures with your pets.  They are part of your family and why not include them in your pictures?  Chances are, they might not be able to be at your wedding, so this is one way of keeping them in the process.

Whatever you choose, make it personal, fun and stress free.

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