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Designing your wedding style will drive you a little crazy, but may be worth a little extra work when you see the finished result.  When I look at magazines, I notice the beautiful receptions with the lanterns, so I decided to investigate where I can find them. The idea of a DIY wedding is to have a great looking wedding/reception without the grand cost, especially on decorations.

Here are some websites I found that are very helping to get the hard to find decorative items:


  • This website is great.  There are paper lanterns you can attached to strands of party lights.  They also sell hard to find paper parasols which you can use to give to your guest to shade the sun.  I love this website because they also have many pictures to show examples of how you can use their products for decorations.


  • This website is soooo helpful. There’s many products for decoration, including those ostrich feathers that you place in vases for centerpieces, which have been very popular in retro chic receptions.  This site also has lots of pictures to show decorating examples.  Other products include balloons, lighting, tulle, tree branches, silk and dried flowers, etc. The list is endless.


  • This website is all about the ostrich feathers (well mostly).  You want to create that mood of classic 1930’s-40’s feel, then this is the place for you to get your decorations.  On a side note, I found sparklers sold here for that extra drama.  I think those would look fun in your pictures.


  • For the little odds and ends of decorations, this is the place to get your stuff.  It’s even more convenient if you can walk into the store that’s near you and search within their decorating selections.  I think Joann’s has more DIY project potential.


  • Michaels is the crafts store.  I like them because you can find a little bit of everything there.  The best thing about Michaels is their sales.  Right now, if you go on their website, you can get a coupon for 50% any one item with a coupon printed online (April 5-10, 2010).


  • Although some of the decorations available on this site is a little bit on the generic side, you can’t beat their prices.  You can mix and match and also create some DIY projects without spending much at all.  I love looking through their site because they always come up with new designs and they can match most color palettes you have.  They have everything from balloon to banners and everything in between.  I do actually love to recommend this site because you always find something unexpected.

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Wooden base SThe trend now is to have sparkle-y things in weddings. Call it “wedding jewelry”.  The most common accessory is bling on top of your cake.  I really wanted to get one, but I wasn’t willing to pay over $20, expecially for a plastic one.  I know I should be so frugal with this, but when am I ever going to use it again?  This is my thought, I can make one for a lot less money, have creative personalization, something meaningful, and a keepsake to show my future children. Guess what?  I made one for less than $10 and it turned out real cute and will be special on my cake.  Here are the steps to making my sparkle-y alphabet topper:

  1. I went to a crafts store (Joanne) and bought a 3″ small wooden “S”, my future last initial. I also saw small styro-foam letters at Michael’s if you want to look for that.  It has  to be anything that’s light because when you add the rhinestones it will get heavier.  Other items you will need are paint (color depends on the color of rhonestones), a paint brush, glue, toothpicks, a bag or two of rhinestones (shapes and color depends on you), a small piece of cardboard, and a wooden stick for the base.
  2. First paint the letter cutout.  I painted mine white because I’m using clear rhinestones with silver backing.  Paint both sides.  Make sure the paint is thoroughly dry before you start glueing the stones.
  3. To make it easier, I found, is to pour some glue on a piece of cardboard, so you can reload your toothpick faster.
  4. Also, lay out your rhinestones with the backside facing up, so it would be easier to put glue on it. Now, you can start the process of covering the areas.  If you are working with various sizes, I found it easier to glue the larger pieces first and use the smaller ones to fill in the other spaces.
  5. Cover one side first, let it dry and proceed to do the other side.
  6. Once completed, you may attach the wooder stick on the bottom as the base.  I would give it 3″-4″ in length for the cake.

I’ll be posting up a picture of my wedding cake as soon as that day arrives.  Good luck with your toppers!

Finished TopperWedding cake

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