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Attention All Brides!!!!!  I want to make your time here at One Step to Wedding more enjoyable and entertaining as well.

I have many friends in the wedding industry who are vendors and have plenty of knowledge in their respected fields.  I have invited them to share stories, information, tips, and trends, from their own experience. I respect their work and I’m sure you will also come to agree that their quality and value are quite exceptional.

Please look forward to future blogs and will be placed under the category “Featured Vendors”.

For vendors who are would also like to contribute or have questions, please feel free to contact me on the contact page or email me at: onesteptowedding@gmail.com


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If you appreciate good wine, you may want to consider serving wine at your wedding.  You may have wine options at your perspective venue, and you may want to ask your catering or restaurant manager if they can refer a wine expert, vendor, or staff sommelier to work with you.  You might want to request a wine tasting along with your food tasting.  If that’s not available, speak to them about what options are available to you for selecting your wine.

Here are some options to ensure you will have a great choice of wine for your event:

  • You should ask your catering manager if you can supply of a case(s) of your favorite wine to serve.
  • If you don’t like your venue’s wine list, ask your catering or restaurant manager if they have a wine list you can order from, maybe something to your liking.

Here are some things to consider regarding budget for wine:

  • You have to be sure about how many bottles you should order.  This is the approximate about a person consumes during the cocktail, dinner, and reception, about five glasses per person.
  • A money saving idea is instead of a full bar, just consider serving wine; red, white, & Champagne.

Here are some ideas for wine at your reception:

  • If you are hosting your own wedding reception in a backyard, which I think is a great idea, you can create your own bar and also serve your choice of wine.  You can also rent wine glasses when you rent your chinaware as party-rental companies are ready to serve you.
  • Consider having a destination wedding at a winery.  You have the setting of grapevines in the background, the wine cellar for unique pictures, and wine all around you and your guests.  It will very memorable and romantic, especially during the sunset.  You also don’t have to worry about choosing your wine because you would have already chosen the winery that makes your wine.

Recommendations for wine:

Wines friendly for your budget; Try having a lighter red wine, such as a Rose, and a Riesling. You want to be able to have wines versatile for most entrees. Also, instead of Champagne, you can opt for a sparkling wine.

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1. Get ideas from wedding magazines, cut them out, and create a collection.  A folder, a shoe box…anything to hold your ideas together.  You can later narrow out your favorite pieces and also choose which flowers you like most.

2. You should think about your theme and colors.  This is important information to give your florist.  They can suggest flowers to you regarding colors and also theme.  For example, if you were having a wedding in a winery, you would like to have darker, rich colors, and maybe throw in some ivy green and grapes.

3. You should think about the season of your wedding.  Different seasons, different flowers.  Also, keep this in mind, when you choose the flowers of the season, it’s easier on the budget.  But if you must, most all flowers, including roses, are available all year round.

4. Your cost factor shouldn’t hold you back from having a luscious wedding.  If you have to use more common, less exotic flowers, your wedding still can be beautiful.  Here’s some trick you can use:

  • Use flowers of the same color. Choose to be monochromatic.  It’s very elegant and you can get away with less expensive flowers.
  • Same concept as the prior, but this time use one type of flower and add mostly greenery.  I think that you can achieve a whimsical, woodsy feel for the flowers.
  • Consider using all baby’s breath.  Good for decorations, bouquet, bouteniere, centerpieces, everything.  It looks elegant, beautiful, timeless, and like clouds.  A bonus for this choice is that it’s cheaper.  Request for “Million Stars” baby’s breath.

5. If you are doing your own flowers, choose easy and elegant.  You can choose this option to save costs on labor by florists.  You can always buy flowers at Costco or your flower mart. You can order flowers on many websites that mail the flowers to you such as Costco or http://www.Fiftyflowers.com.

6. Choose your style:  It’s always one or the other on each of the given lines.

  • Simple vs. Elaborate Designs
  • Classic vs. Modern Designs

These are some ideas to think about.  You may originally think of one floral design, but due to budget and seasonal constraints, you might have to change your designs.

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These are some questions for the bride or couple to think about before looking for a photographer:

1. How much is your budget? What is your low and high end….think about a range.

2. Think about what you need in your package.

  • For a budget conscious bride, maybe you can ask or see of they offer an all-digital package.  You can have all your pictures still and have them developed on your own and have your own album made at a later date (when you have funds).
  • If you’re looking for that all around package, consider how many prints, the sizes of them and the album.
  • For all your packages, think about how much hours you need them. (2 hrs: ceremony& first part of reception or 10 hours: which is a whole day event)  The average is 8 hours.

3. Chemistry? Do you click with your future photog? This is important because they are going to take pictures of the most intimate moment of your life.  Plus, you want them to take flattering pictures of you.

4. Know what style you want?  Traditional, journalistic, documentary, or candid?  Do you want them to take posed shots or take shots, blended in the background.  I believe the style now is a combination of journalistic and candid. Photographer are now becoming for artistic with scenery and lighting.

5. Think about if you want all digital photography. Most photographers are now all digital because it’s cheaper and faster to produce images.  However, there are still some old-school photographers that uses 35 mm and film negatives.  These have to be developed, which could be a more costly process.  The benefits to using film is the photographs come out richer and creamier…..but can only be seen with an artistic eye.  When I asked a photographer about the difference, he said it was very minimal and you can achieve the same effects when you use digital enhancement.

6. Decide whether you want only one or if you need two photographers.  Of course, having 2 photographers will cost a little more.  Average is $300-$400 extra.  Also for each photographer you have, you have to provide their meals during the reception.

7. If you are having your wedding on a weekday (Monday-Friday), and Sunday, ask for a price break.  You have better chances of getting better pricing because it’s not busy during that time.  Also another reason for you to get better pricing would be for weddings end of October-April because those are the wedding low season.  Peak season is May until early October.

8. Make a list of every photo combination you want taken, so you would be able to give this to your photographer. (ie. the married couple and parents of both sides, etc)

You should consider having a checklist when you interview your wedding photographer.

  • Your checklist is based on your own preference and discretion. Just make on up.
  • Ask them what is their photo style?
  • What little extras can they do for you?  Throw in a documentary dvd (pictures to music)? Free engagement shoot ($250 & up value)? Additional printed pictures? What promotions do they have?  If you met them at a bridal show, then what specials do they have?
  • Does your photographer use Photoshop?  Sometimes you want your pictures digitally enhanced.  Sometimes they also work with the color hue and other effects.
  • If you would like videography, does your photographer have one he works with? Or can they refer one to you?

Even if your photographer has done weddings before, you still have to check if they know what they’re doing.

  • In my own experience, I have seen photographers that have taken beautiful photos, but their direction was all off, so they weren’t organized in getting important pictures, (ie. bride & father; bride & siblings, etc).  I have also heard of seasoned photographers who know what pictures they need to get and have a precise plan they go by.  **My opinion, for larger weddings, maybe you can ask your coordinator or a friend to keep track of the photographer so they don’t miss out on anything.
  • Make sure of your details.  For example, if you have your wedding at a different site from the reception, make sure your photographer know the landscape of both places.  Also make sure they know the directions.  It would be real bad if the photographers were to learn the landscape on the day of your wedding as this would also disrupt your time-line.
  • Your wedding photographer should help you figure out your time-line.  A knowledgable photographer should know how to work with time and put the sunrise/sunset into consideration.  They should also converse and work with the videographer.

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