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When we go to weddings and even plan our weddings, we incorporate traditions to the ceremony or during the reception.  Sometimes we don’t even know the meaning of them, but we do it because it’s fun.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – The most common thing, we brides keep in mind.  The meaning of the old is to keep your family history, ancestry close to you; remember where you come from.  The meaning of new represents your new beginnings with your new spouse, family, and life.  The meaning of borrowed is supposed to represent the happiness of another’s marriage.  The meaning of blue is supposed to represent loyalty and fidelity.

The Bouquet Toss – This is targeted for the single women at the wedding.  Whomever single lady catches the bouquet, it is said that they will be the next to marry.

The Garter Toss – This is target for the single men at the wedding.  Same concept here.  Whomever single man catches the garter is said to be the next man to marry.

Throwing the rice after wedding – The rice is a symbol to wish the couple with blessings of fertility in they marriage.

The White Dress and Wedding Veil – This represents purity and virginity.  Since the custom started with Queen Victoria, it seems that white is the classic uniform color for brides; first or other marriages.  In present times, ivory and cream is not also being accepted as part of the bridal color.

Unity Sand Ceremony – This is performed during the wedding ceremony.  There are two containers for the wife and for the husband.  Now available to have their own colors.  They each pour the sand in a unity or single container.  This shows their unity and they also can keep the finish container as a decorative keepsake in their home.

Unity Candle Ceremony – This is performed during the wedding ceremony.   There are three candles; one for the wife, one for the husband, and a main candle (which is usually decorated).  They both will take their candles and light the main candle together.

Feeding Eachother Wedding Cake – Both the husband and wife take turns feeding each other a piece of wedding cake. This represents the new union of the husband and wife.  Also shows their responsibility to take care of each other.


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