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Remember when you were dating your now your soon-to-be husband and you always doodled “Mrs.______” ? You always wanted to practice signing your new name.  There are now so many options with how to play with your last name once you become a Mrs. Of course, it is a sign of your commitment and honor to your spouse.  But not taking his name doesn’t mean you don’t honor him  less.  The question of taking your spouse’s name comes up on the day you fill out your marriage license.  On it, there’s a box that asks you what you want to change your name to after you get married.

From my experience, I initially did the hyphenated name on my marriage license and chose to keep my maiden name after I got married.  Not that I didn’t like my husband’s last name, but I think that my name is unique because it starts with the letter “Z”.  I decided to keep my name for many reasons; I got my college diploma with that name, less of a hassle to change all legal documents with that name, and you are already known by that name with your collegues and past aquaintences, just in case someone was trying to locate you.

With more and more career-oriented women getting married, many have opted to keep their maiden name.  It’s their identity and they associate that with their accomplishments.  It’s a way of maintaining their professional structure seperate from their personal life.  And like I mentioned, it’s less of a hassle to change legal documents.

But if you wanted to change your name, it’s advised to use your maiden name as your middle name and have your married name as your last name.  This would make the transition on your documents easier, especially if your passport or license hasn’t expired & doesn’t need to be renewed yet.  It states your maiden name and it would be a given that you got married (stated on both your passport and identification card).  The benefits of this tip are you can have both your names and this will save you some cash.

The option of hyphenating your name is almost like changing your last name all together.  You do have to get your legal documents changed right away.  It’s different, not an addition to, like the previous mentioned.  I’m not sure why hyphenated names became so popular, but I think it was a way to keep their name  & to honor their husbands by taking their name.  The downfalls of this besides changing all the legal documents…..people will almost never get your last name right.  They will say one name, leave the other and it’s also a handful to say your last name.  A trend related to this hyphenated name change is for both husband and wife to have both the hyphenated name, so it’s equal.  You do have that option and you must also state that in your marriage license.

If you are dreading changing your name, there are services offered such as Ms. Now Mrs.. It’s easy to use an saves you from a lot of headache.  There are other similar websites out there that can also assist you.  They use a data base that transfers the name at once. But if you want to do all the changing yourself you have to see the following: DMV, Social Security, the US Postal Service, change your passport, the bank, your HR department, life insurance and financial policies, and the list goes on.


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Prior to the wedding, a bride must always think about her own back up plan.  Yes, sometime things can go wrong.  If you don’t have your own wedding coordinator to help you think about these things, take a tip from me.  You need to pack a Bride’s Emergency Kit.

Emergency kits for brides are readily available for purchase, but they can be costly and you may already have all the stuff on hand.  It’s just a matter of packing and organizing, which will make this task successful.

I prefer to have one small travel bag to carry the bigger items and a smaller case to hold your makeup and other necessities.  The travel bag should be the size of a weekend travel bag.  It’s not too big or too small either.  One that you can just stash and carry in a moment’s notice.  Here are some suggestions you should keep in mind, but according to your preference, you might need some other things, so create your own check list.

In your travel bag, you should pack:

  • Comfortable shoes or slippers
  • Hairspray
  • A water bottle (to drink)
  • Baby Powder
  • Extra underwear
  • Extra nylons (if you are going to wear any)
  • Feminine pads or tampons
  • Lotion
  • Perfume
  • Energy bars

Depending on size,  medium  items should be placed in freezer bags for the travel bag and small items should be placed in sandwich bags.

The smaller case is going to be your mini kit.  It’s small enough to have one of your bridesmaid or a close friend to carry for you.  In you mini kit, you should pack:

  • Makeup powder
  • Lipstick
  • Bandage
  • Aspirin or any headache pills you prefer
  • Travel toothbrush & toothpaste
  • Antacid
  • Emergen-c or Airborne
  • Tissue
  • A stain remover stick or towelette
  • Gum or hard candy

The smaller items should be placed in sandwich bags for the mini kit.

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Fashion Darling….

Oh, in the humdrum of all the white dresses in the world, we lose who the bride truly is. Yes, there is only one bride at the wedding, but what makes her stand out? We should show our individuality, our personality, our chance to show our style and have some fun.  Here are some ideas that you can implement in your bridal wear.  Just please, don’t over accessorize.

1. Wear different color shoes. It may not be traditional, but you can have your personality amidst all the white (or ivory). Have fun, as planning your wedding is so stressful enough.  Think about wearing your favorite color shoe or a combination of yours and his favorite colors.  Why not try a leopard print or some rock ‘n studs? If you don’t want to be that extreme you can attach a shoe jewel in your special color with your white shoe.

2. Stand out with your jewelry.  Chunky jewelry, jewelry with different colored gemstones, use of other materials such as seashells, and fabric….all good!  Just make sure you don’t do too much.  For example, you can do 1 chunky bracelet with subtle earings.  You can do a chunky necklace if you have a simple dress, no earrings.  You can do big earrings with turquoise stones.  The possibilities, as they say, are endless.

3. Personality can stand out with a shawl or a bolero.  You can use a different color shawl for your personality.  You can use faux fur.  You can also have a shawl personalized with your initials embroidered somewhere on it.  Boleros are also beautiful, you don’t have to go extreme with color, but you can use lace to create your style.  Make it special as it’s going to be a keepsake for your child(ren).

4. Use hair jewelry or tiara/ hair comb.  There are also headbands, hair vines, and ribbon. There are many and plenty of options available.  Jeweled pins, elaborate tiara’s and combs, hair vines, give that subtle sparkle.  More trendy and fashionable new ways to have your hair are with a headband (decorated) and use of ribbon (satin, velvet, or lace).

5. Accessorize with a flowers in your hair. Go bold with a big red rose or a black one for more drama. For a more classy look, pin a big gardenia or orchid.  You can also be soft and whispy by pinning smaller flowers all over your hair.  Silk or organza flowers will last through heat and are not at fragile as real flowers.  Real flowers have tendencies to look withered and change colors throughout the day.

6. Try using feathers.  Let’s take a que from SJP in Sex and the City.  I don’t know if you want to go  that bold, but want to try that style, you should do feathers in white, cream, and pale pinks.  This would also be very fashionable if you had a peacock themed wedding.

7. You can enhance your style with your birdcage or traditional veil.  Birdcage veils are still considered contemporary, but they truly are an old classic.  Just a little in what we call traditional, I still don’t see a lot of brides taking the chance with this.  Maybe there’s a lot of dresses out there that doesn’t match the birdcage veil, I get it.  Here’s another idea I haven’t seen any brides do….dye your veil or embellish it.  It’ll make you feel like those model brides on the runway.

8. You can also accessorize your bouquet.  Easy and subtle.  There are options out there to B-dazzle your bouquet.  There are crystals you can stick in your flowers.  You can use a jeweled bouquet holder.  You can use long strands of satin ribbons (to the ground).  you can also place a keepsake jewelry in your bouquet as your memory piece.

9. You have a brooch you would like to use.  Once popular in the 1950’s, as I’ve seen in pictures, they are making a comeback like the birdcage veils.  A simple dress with an elaborate brooch.  Just don’t over accessorize with all the earrings, necklace, bracelets, hairpiece….all at once.  You can handle this one, and it’s classy too.

10. Add color with a belt.  The “wow” factor.  You want to throw in that color and make a statement too.  There are different styles you can have your belt.  There are waistbands, short bows, and longer ties that reach the ground.  You can also do a combo with a brooch.

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What to do when the Bride is having a dress meltdown?  Well that’s what I experienced today. I went with one of my girl friends to David’s Bridal today and this was our second time there.  I thought she already came to a decision about the dress she wanted or more or less the style she wanted.  She was looking towards a princess style dress.  At the end of the day, she totally picked a mermaid style dress…totally not what she even considered.  She just saw it on another bride and wanted to try it on.  The stylist and I thought it was beautiful and said she should get it today because it still takes 3-4 months to receive it from the order. So she got it.

5 hours later, she contacts me and says she made a mistake and she called the manager of the store to exchange the dress tomorrow.  She’s going back to a princess style dress and she wanted me to go back with her.  I told her that her choice was beautiful,  timeless and classic, but she said she doesn’t feel comfortable in it.  I told her I don’t think I could go with her again, because the 1st and 2nd days we went there totaled about 8 hours.  I  told her, she’s going to change her mind again.  She instructed me to slap her if she changed her mind.  So, because I am her friend, I agreed to go with her and put a 1 hours limit on trying on the desired dress and making a final decision.

For all you brides, and because I also went through this myself, after you purchase and order your dress, don’t go back to the store’s (ie. David’s Bridal) and look at more dresses.  For sure, you will change your mind again…Beware; no one will want to go with you to change your dress.

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Wedding dressYou just decided on your wedding date, and now you have to choose your wedding dress, but where do you begin?  I think some questions, you have to think about is:

  1. How much time  do I have before my wedding date?
  2. What style am I looking for (classic, contemporary, long, short)?
  3. What kinds of stores to I want to shop at?
  4. How much do you want to spend?

I think that you should first come up with a preliminary list. Come up with some ideas of what you’re looking for. then search the internet.  You can come up with a more clear decision of what kind of dress you want.  The reason why I think you should window shop on the web is, sometimes the task is overwhelming to decide what you want when you step into the dress shop.  Good thing my girlfriend who is about to get married told me to go dress shopping with her.  I told her to do her homework first because we all don’t want to spend hours and hours trying on dresses and going back and forth to different stores. It can be just as challenging as shopping for a car.

So here are the type of styles:

  • A-line (the most popular and figure flattering)
  • Empire waist (also flattering for fuller figures)
  • Princess (ball-gown style)
  • Trumpet or mermaid (best for thinner frames)

What styles are good for your body shape:

Don’t have misconceptions about your body shape and what you think your body looks good in. You may look at a picture and like what you see, but it may not look good on you.  Also you may think a dress looks ugly on a rack, but when you try it on, you look fabulous.  Open your thoughts to new shapes and material you might not even choose for yourself.

Here are the more popular types of materials:

  • Chiffon
  • Taffeta
  • Organza
  • Silk
  • Satin

Here are my tips to staying within your budget:

  1. Go to big bridal shows.  They usually have great sales (up to 70% off) on couture gowns.  These are usually sample dresses or dresses they had on display the vendors had in the store.  With the money you saved, just get it altered and dry cleaned and you’ve saved your insanity with your budget.
  2. Do a little more leg work when you’re in the store.  Search out dresses on the rack as they may be on sale.  Usually the sales attendants make money on commission so they show you the more expensive dresses.  They try to sell you outrageously priced accessories to go along with your gown.  If you’re not scared & you have the patience to do a little research you and find the ensemble of your dreams for less.

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