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One of my friends just got a wedding invitation from her cousin.  It was transmitted through one of those e-cards/online invitations/email sites.  My friend was really upset because she feels like since she’s planning her own wedding and took the time to create her invitations, people should also take  the time to do the same.  I totally agree with her.  I feel like when people send e-card invitations for weddings, it’s a slap in the face for the wedding industry.

Couples will take the time to plan the wedding, look for a place, the flowers, catering, the dress, even favors, but neglect to put any effort into the invitations and leave it to the internet to do the job.  What message are you sending out?  You’re supposed to be promoting your wedding, setting the mood, dictating if it will be classy not trashy.  the Correct wedding etiquette is to send an invitation, whether written, printed, or on a postcard….a hard copy invitation is valuable to show importance of the event and the importance of your guests presence. Thank you cards also  need  to be written as they show your sincerity and your thoughtfulness as the invitation.

When is the  e-card/online invitations most appropriate?  You can send them out for save the date cards and RSVP’s.


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Because of the challenging ecomony and budget crisis, we brides have to be frugal in different ways.  We have to cut corners on things that are important, but make sure they won’t be compromised.  We now live in the digital age, where everyone checks their email at least a few times a week.  So, the most logical thing we can do is try out online invitations.  By the way, this would be a great alternative to wedding/bridal showers, save the date, and thank you cards. You have a couple of options:

The first is strictly online, no hard copy, and usually RSVP is online too.
The second option is to order your invites online and they will mail it out to your guests.

Here are some great sites you can check out:






The benefits to sending invitations through this site is the cost (little to nothing at all- free!).  There are beautiful designs and you can personalize all the wordings also.

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