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When you’re ready to choose your cake, and you have a design in mind, you may have to consider the season, especially the summer.  Even if you’re having your reception indoors, the heat can affect the look of your cake. So here are some tips that you can take with you when you choose your cake.

In the summer, choose icing that can withstand heat.  The best choices are Fondant (sugar paste) and Marzipan (almond paste).  They actually do better at room temperature rather than colder refrigerated temperature.  Fondant is easy to decorate and design with.  You can have it in different colors and it’s easy to make bows with (in the cake).  This has been one of the most popular mediums to use presently on wedding cakes.  The downside of fondant is people usually don’t like the taste of it and they usually just move it off the cake when they eat it.  The taste is described as sweet and bitter, well it’s complicated, but you should just try it at least once to know if you like it.  Marzipan, on the otherhand, has most of the functions as fondant, but tastes better.

If taste is an issue with you, then buttercream might be your choice.  The fact is, they will not do well on a hot day.  The icing can melt if you leave it out for a few hours. If you keep it refrigerated until up to one to two hours before the cake cutting, you should be fine.  Your baker should be able to give you advice on how to handle the cake.

Whichever icing you choose for your cake, keep it out of direct sunlight!


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