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The theme of your wedding is very important and sets the mood of the formalities and in-formalities of your party. The use of color and themes often come from your favorite colors, a shared experience, or a mood.  For 2009, the hot trends included the color palette of Fuchsia and Orange, all shades of Purple and Violet, the use of Damask.

Most of 2010 trends will follow in those previous trends, but I’ve come up with some predictions of my own.


  • peach & pale yellow
  • lime green & Kelley green (monochromatic)

The Easter bunny and chicks may have some influence.  Pale and complimentary colors.  You can also incorporate a lovebirds theme. Find inspiration in everyday objects.


  • aqua & green
  • orange & poppy red
  • tangerine & turquoise
  • lime & fuchsia

The tropical theme is always popular in the Summer, but try to think with a Latin theme.  Citrus colors are hot with punches of bright pinks and blues.  These are all fun touches.


Regal jewel tones should create the theme of romance.  The changing of the color of leaves and cool winds enhances this mood.


  • teal, black & silver
  • copper & pale pink

Metallic colors are hot for winter.  Lots of romance and classic touches can be added to the feel of your wedding.

Use this tool to mix and play with colors.  You can also save your color pallet.   http://www.colourlovers.com/ Another tool: maybe you can go to and home improvement store and get sample of the paint chips to play around with combinations.


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